6 Steps to Create a Blog

This is part 2 of How to Blog  with Bill Belew’s workshop on Complete Hands-On Blogging Workshop.

6 Steps to Create a Blog

There are a lot of reason why someone wants to ceate a blog. Bill Belew shows us 6 steps to create a blog from finding a domain name to going public in his Complete Hands on Blogging Workshop.

1. Create a Domain Name.

What’s in a name? According to Bill, what your domain name is not that important as picking a name. If you want to buy one there are many places to get one from here.

2. Choose Your Software.

Bill recommends that WordPress is the best software to use for blogging and others agree.  He walks a prospective blogger through the WordPress.com dashboard to learning how to create, edit, and publish a post.

3. Pick Your Template/Tagline.

You can spend a lot of time diddling and less time writing. Picking a template for your blog take forever if you allow it. Bill says just pick something and get about the business of writing.

4. Determine Your Tagline

What ‘s your focus? Taglines are keywords that describe what your blog is about. Bill teaches the use of taglines is important to search engines finding your blog.

5. Write a Post

I would write these long soliloquies and wonder why people aren’t hanging around or visiting my site.  Bill teaches to be concise and posts limits of 150 -250 words .

6. Go  Public

You have your site. Found a template. Created a tagline. Wrote a post. What’s next?


You have something worthwhile to say, right?

Bill’s expertise is valuable and says three words.

Just Do it.

What to know more?
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