Mormon Zombies

Mormon Zombies…

Yup, it is what you thought was…
During my high school years, I lived in Mesa, AZ, a town founded by Mormons.
At one time I lived a few blocks from the Mormon Temple and worked even closer.  Honestly, it looked like a giant mausoleum to me. When the night lights hit it right, it was downright scary.
Mormon youths, on a mission I guess, would stop by and visit–trying to convert us.
Knowing that I was a Christian, one of my Mormon friends would always wanted to do a Bible debate.  I guess he wanted to prove that Mormons were Christians too.
I never did.  I saw no reason for it.
Whenever I saw him coming, I simply crossed the street to the other side.
There was something about “NO” he didn’t understand.
I had a dream that I was being chased by Mormon Zombies.  A girl who I liked in high school was running with me.
We ran  through the streets, parks, and even a movie theater, until we came to a meadow where  large hot-air balloon stood–unoccupied.
I helped my girl inside  and as I tried to climb in, one of the Mormons grabbed my feet and tried to pull me down.  My girl hit him on the head and I was able to climb in to safety.
As we lifted in the air, everything became cartoonish, like something from Disney.
Even now, it makes me laugh.
With dreams like these, it’s no wonder I like to tell stories.
What is the strangest dream you’ve ever had?


For more of my strange dreams see, The Strangest Dream I Ever Had Part 1: This Means War!

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