What Is The Strangest Dream You’ve Ever Had?

This Means War!

I have always been a dreamer.

But some of my dreams have been pretty strange.

Some have even turned into a pretty good story idea.

Some have been complete nightmares that I wish I could forget.

However, among the strangest has been the dream I had of being in a war when I was in high school.

I was in a firefight with a few of my high school friends.

We were dressed in full battle dress uniforms with machine guns, rockets launchers, and grenades.

One of my friends was using the machine gun to shoot our enemy, but I never saw their faces.
I don’t remember if I personally ever killed anyone, but I do remember firing into the darkness.
Tracers and bullets were zooming over our heads as another friend warned to get down.
Grenades were lobbed into the distance only to hear their destructive boom echoing towards us.  We never moved from our location, but kept shooting.

At one time,  a girl—whose face and name I do not remember—was hurt.
Another of our group rushed over to help them while I jumped into her  rocket launcher resumed firing.

To this day, I do not remember nor recall ever seeing the faces of our targets.

Its no wonder I have an overactive imagination.

What is the strangest dream you’ve ever had?


For more strange dreams, see part 2: The Strangest Dream I Ever Had 2: Zombie Mormons.

Courtesy of 1000 Writing Ideas

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