If You Could Be Invisible…

If I could be invisible, I would go everywhere I wanted to with no one to stop me.

I’d hop on a plane or train and go see places I’ve never been before.  Of course I would not pay because no one could see me.  
Alright…I might feel a bit guilty about doing that, but I assure you, it’ll pass.
I would have to steal for my food and clothing…wait…would I even wear clothes?  
Hmm…now there’s a thought.

 If I was invisible do I need to wear clothes?  

 It would be incredible comfortable and no one would not know I was naked.  

 I bet some people would say they would rob a bank.  Just walk in and walk out with the money. 

 Would my invisibility be transferable to whatever I touched?  If so, there would be so much more I could do with that.

I’d touch my significant other and we go around the world for free.  If no one could see us, who would know we were there?  

Who would know that we were not there? or anywhere?

If only I could be invisible, however, I think sometimes it wouldn’t be much fun.

Should I revile and hide in my anonymity?

You can’t steal anything more than you could if people could see you.  You can sneak into places, but if the place is crowded, for sure you’d be noticed.

Walk into a bank and take the money, but people would see money bags floating in air.

Second thought, I don’t want to be Invisible.  This super-power suck.

One thing’s for certain…it’ll make a great story.

But what about random acts of kindness left to the mysterious?

What else could I do if I was invisible?

Possibilities remain.




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