5 Reasons Why You Should Read

Why Do You Read? 

I’ve been asking that question to a lot of people.
I’m curious to know what causes someone to pick up a book and see what’s inside.

To find an answer, I had to ask myself the same question.  I cannot ever remembering a time when I did not read.  It is as if I was birth from the womb with a book.

I do remember one of my first books was The Picture Bible.  To me, it was like a big giant comic book–and it was–it was an illustrated version of The Bible for kids.

However, there are five reasons that  kept me reading and five reasons why should you read?

1. Enjoy A Good Story.

I remember reading the Old Testament stories that has fuelled my imagination and also ignited a love of history.  Everyone young or old, man and woman enjoys a good story.  No matter what genre a good story is magic.

2. Mystic Adventures.

As I grew older and my reading comprehension increased, I was able to read bigger and more complex stories from lands all around the world.  I was viturally transported into the world of adventures and became a participant-spectator.

3. To Escape.

Life wasn’t always easy and there are things that I do wish I could forget and pretend it didn’t happen or exist.  Reading about heroes doing marvelous things made me forget about the sad points in my life. Sometimes you just need to get away.

4. Inspiration

As I matured and continue reading today.  I am inspired by great stories and the success of the heroes and heroines.  Sometimes I felt that if they could get over and through thier trials, so could I.

5. Growth.

Every writer is a teacher in some shape or form.  I believe that everyone should walk away from a fantastic story thinking they could not only be a better person, but and idea on how to become one.

Those are my five reasons.

What are the reasons why you read?



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