What Dune Teaches About Dreams

I just finished the Dune Prequel: House Corrino and I liked it.  It was a nice setup for the Dune Series by Frank Herbet.  One of the many reasons I like reading is that you find golden nuggets of quotes that have real life application.  Here’s one:

“Every man has the same final destination–death–at the end of life’s road.  But the path we travel makes all the difference.  Some of us have maps and goals, others are just lost. ~Prince Rhombur Vernius, Dune: The House Corrino.

Do you have a dream?

One of the main reasons people just follow the crowd is they don’t have a dream.  If there is nothing to pursue then why bother being different?

Have you ever been lost? 

I have, trust me, it’s a terrible feeling.

The feeling of hoplessness begin to descend and the fear of not finding your path out arises.

But that’s exactly what it’s like to not have a dream, a goal, or a purpose in life.

Dream provide that roadmap that is customized for your life–that GPS unit for you to follow.

It questions logic and introduces the improbable.

In whatever situation you may find yourself in, there has to be something that will get you up in the morning beyond the “have to’s”.  

Going through life because you have to…well…that just suck.


So see part 2 of What Dune Teaches About Dreams, Click HERE.

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