Canadian Bacon: A Short Story, Part 1

The repetitive sound of the windshield wipers lulled me to sleep as I tried to keep my eyes on the snow-covered road.  I was getting tired after driving three hours as snow flurries dancing in the wind.  I smacked myself across the face–trying to stay focused and pay attention—but the shock of pain did not last long.

The thought of pinching my cheeks crossed my mind as I gripped the steering wheel tighter.  When I promised to take care of her in sickness and in health, I did not know that it included driving to the ends of the earth looking for food cravingsWhere does one get peanut butter and pickle sandwiches at 3 AM anyway?

I look over at Katherine and she slept soundly—hands protectively around her belly, chuckled, knowing that I would drive to the end of the Earth for her.  I reached over to rub my hands over hers and tucked the blanket securely before adjusting the temperature again.

I had to make sure the car was warm enough–seventy-two degrees Fahrenheit, the perfect temperature if there ever was one.    Checking for traffic and seeing only the red haze of my rear lights, I refocused on the road ahead of me.

“Are we there yet?” Katherine said, yawning and stretching as she leaned up to look around.

“Hey there, Princess Sleepyhead,” I said and squeezed her knee, “We’ll be there in another 20 minutes or so…hungry?”

“Yeah, starving!” She smiled at me and my heart soared.

Click Here for Canadian Bacon: A Short Story Part 2.



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