Canadian Bacon: A Short Story, Part 2

Katherine sat up and sighed as she rubbed her belly. Our child would be born any day now, and my anxiety grew with each passing day.  A small grunt and groan slipped from her lips when she reached over to turn on the radio.   I kept it off to let her sleep and reached for my CD case on the floor.

“Let me get that, you keep your eyes on the road, the last thing we need is wreck out here,” Katherine said.

She swatted my hand away, bringing up the black case, setting it on her stomach.  I did not bother to respond and put my hand back on the wheel.

“What do you want to listen to?” Katherine asked.

“I don’t know,” I said as I tried to split my focus between the road and the pages of CDs as she flipped though the album.  “You choose, pick something good…easy to listen to.”

“Harry Connick, Jr?”

I paused to consider the suggestion, sounds of Harry’s songs playing in my minds’ ear.  “Eh, why not…sure…Harry’s always a good choice.”

Katherine nodded an affirmative before slipping the disc in the player.  The soothing baritone sound pleased her as she reclined in her seat again, adjusting the blanket over her.  I smiled too, and began to sing along.  Harry always made me want to sing. Using my free hand, I placed it on her knee, and began singing to her.

Her beaming smile drove all my fatigue away.

for part 3: The Conclusion

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