What Every Writer Can Learn From JaMarcus Russell and John C. Maxwell

250/9500=2.6% or about 1:40 odds of a college player making it to the NFL.

One such player, JaMarcus Russell was picked first in the 2007 NFL Draft by the Oakland Raiders and paid nearly $40 million dollars on his potential.  Three years later, he’s out of the NFL. 

Yes, he could be living large…

But I hope he has fired all his advisors…

There’s two qualities which usually separate the average players from the very good/great: work ethic and motivation.  It seemed that Mr. Russell had problems with both.

JaMarcus…allow me to introduce you my friend John

 My friend, Dr. John C. Maxwell’s book, Talent is Never Enough, he cites Peter Drucker on effectiveness, “There seems to be little correlation between a man’s effectiveness and his intelligence, his imagination, or his knowledge…Intelligence, imagination, and knowledge are essential resources, but only effectiveness converts them into results. By themselves, they only set limits to what can be contained.”

He also introduces a dozen other factors that can be combined with talent to achieve your goals: passion, initiative, focus, preparation, practice, perseverance, courage, teachability, character, relationships, responsibility and teamwork.

 My friend John, also teaches that Talent is “often overrated and frequently misunderstood,” and advises readers on building their strengths to become a “Talent-plus person.”

So…here you go, JaMarcus…you need this book, I’d offer you mine, but John signed my book.  You’ll have to ask him to sign yours. 


What does this have to do with writing and writers? 

What are the odds of becoming a published writer? 

proven 0% if you follow the JaMarcus Russell rule


 up to 100% if you listen to my friend John.




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