BW’s Week In Review Part 1

BW has been busy.  Here is the week in Review on The BookWorm, Check it out and comment on  your favorite post.

What Dune Teaches About Dreams

If you don’t have one, you’re just going through life on autopilot, successeptable to doing whatever someone else wants you to do–which may or may not be fulfilling.

Sex, Meaning of Life, and G.I.Joe PSA’s

The last words of the G.I. Joe would be “Knowing is half the battle.” What about the sense of purpose?  nowing the reason why you get up, out of bed in the morning, is half the battle.

Robin Hood Take 52

Hollywood, in their infinite wisdom decides that they cannot think of an orginal story to create so they do Robin Hood again!  Yeah!

5 Reasons Why I Should Go Fishing

Just dipping my fishing pole in the water with spray bait isn’t gonna make fish attach themselves to my hooks.  In addition, it’ll cure me of “I want it now” attitude that’s showing it’s ugly head lately.  Another lession in Patience is required.

10 Ways to Write A First Sentence of a Story

Writer’s Digest frequently holds a Special Writing Prompt Session.  This month it’s to write the opening sentence to a story based on the picture below.  The sentence limit is 35 words.Here are my pending entries…can you do better?

WAIT!! There’s More!!  Click Here For Part Two!!



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