BW’s Week In Review Part 2

BW has been busy. 

Here is  Part TWO of The Week in Review on The BookWorm, Check it out and comment on  your favorite post.

 To check out Part One: Click Here

Worldbuilding With BW: A School of Giant Oarfish

The setting of a fantasy and a science fiction story–no matter what form it takes–is part of the story.   What if giant oarfish were plentiful as tuna on my planet?

Stephen King, Frank Herbert, and the Force

“You cannot sweep someone else away by the force of your writing, unless it’s been done to you.” ~Stephen King from “On Writing” I was not swept away by Dune. Now I need to find out why.

What Every Writer Can Learn From JaMarcus Russell and John C. Maxwell

JaMarcus Russell was picked first in the 2007 NFL Draft by the Oakland Raiders and paid nearly $40 million dollars on his potential.  Three years later, he’s out of the NFL. JaMarcus…allow me to introduce you my friend John.

Canadian Bacon: A Short Story – A Three-part posting.

A man drives through blinding snow to satisfy his pregnant wife’s cravings.  This is an AWESOME SHORT STORY…okay…I’m bias, but I NEED your comments on this one.

Wow, what a busy week…I wonder what’s next for the weekend and the next week. 

I’ll have a Saturday Special for the weekend so be sure to come back tomorrow!




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2 responses to “BW’s Week In Review Part 2

  1. Busy indeed! Keep up the good work. I’m off to read the one about Stephen King…

  2. Thanks!! and thanks for the comment. I hope I can keep it up…provided my isp doesn’t hinder me. 😉

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