Like A Thief In The Night

BW was not slacking by not posting for four consecutive days; he was the victim of theft–cable (internet) theft.

After a luxurious Saturday–look for my post about my weekend–I came home to post the Saturday night special posting, I promised on Friday, only to discover that BW had no internet.

Coca Cola Coffin: Young carpenters open a coffin shaped in the form of a Coca Cola bottle in Teshie, a suburb of Accra January 22, 2004.

I was so looking forward with sharing a funny yet interesting story about designer coffins of Ghana

The 1886 square-rigged ship Balclutha.

Yeah…you read right…designer coffins of Ghana… you do not want to miss this story. I had a good weekend, spending some time in San Francisco, especiallly visiting the  Balcutha, located at Hyde Pier, at  the San Francisco Maritime Park.

See what you missed over the weekend and early this week?

Thank you Neighborhood Cable Thief, the BW could not deliver the promises to his awesome fans.

Alas, never fear, the BW is back in action.

So, look for several things in the next several posts and days: designer coffins of Ghana, how to recharge your creative batteries–BW’s day out to the city, and–OH!! I nearly forgot–BW’s moving to his own domain.

You do not want to miss that!

It’s Wednesday, Hump Day, it is all down here from here.




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2 responses to “Like A Thief In The Night

  1. Jenn

    Very interesting post on the coffins. They say it takes about 30 days to make one, I wonder what they do with the people waiting to be put in one in the mean time.

    I’ve never seen the Balchutha, love visiting wooden rig ships. Its so amazing how everything works together, rope, sail, wood and manpower to cross the angry seas.

  2. Yeah, I suppose they would pre-order them and have them waiting. The Balcultha was very cool to see–I took lots of pictures.

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