Are You Brave Enought Start That Book?

“The scariest moment is always just before you start. After that, things can only get better.””
Stephen King (On Writing)

For the better part of this year, I have been working my way though Stephen King’s book “On Writing”.   I bought the hard copy version about six years ago and never read it.  It wasn’t until I got serious about writing and purchased the audiobook version that I’ve been reading and listening. 

It has been a source of a kick in the butt for me since I’ve started my writing career. 

In my opinion, it is required reading for every novelist, young, old, or new or veteran. 

I have selected favorite quotes or words that has served to help me added with my personal thoughts and titled them, “Stephen King and Me”.   While I’ve not met him in person, he’s been like a daily companion to me.  

Stephen and my writing coach Beth Barany, keeps me focused on the main thing  and points me in the direction to where it is. 

I still have to go there and walk the path my self.  He’s just telling us what is required for the journey.

I’ve been talking about writing a series of novels forever it seems like–when in reality, it may only two or three years. 

That’s still a lot of time to talk about doing something.

I mention in an earlier post about the fear of the blank pagethe self-doubt that arises-and dealing with the what ifs.

I am closer today than I have ever been in writing my novel–not just the world building nor the plot construction–but the courage to start writing despite any fears of blank pages.

“…you can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.”
Stephen King (On Writing)

How long have you talked about writing that novel, that short story, that poem, or that screenplay?  Isn’t time to get past the fear of the blank page?

Are you brave enough to start your novel?



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