News You Can Use

Greetings Sportsfans, the BW have something to tell you.

First, I apologize for my absence. I have been sick—but never fear, BW is feeling much better and getting back to writing.

Secondly, I have not forgotten the end of my current short story, Master Nunu’s Masterpiece.  I will post it shortly.

Thirdly, I am moving—er, The Bookworm’s site is moving and will receive a new name.  When all things are in place, I will let you know the new name and url address.

I do have a couple of surprises for the two subscribers and loyal fans.  BW will take care of you and show his appreciation for your subscription.

Just let me think of something 😉

Lastly, there will be some changes to the format of the blog.  The new site’s focus will be book reviews and posts relating to the writer’s journey will be moves to a personal blog.

You get two for one!  Everybody likes two for one!

The launch date for the new sites is June 1st, so make sure you put that in your calendar and come back for the unveiling ceremony—there might be cake.

Everybody likes cake.

Keep writing,



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