Master Nunu’s Masterpiece: The Conclusion

And Now….The Conclusion to Master Nunu’s Masterpiece.

 If you missed earlier sections of the story, you can find them here, part 1 and part 2.
After Ashlong’s women passed by, Martin was distracted by a scuffle breaking out behind him.  Martin recognized them as Ngota, another Ne’tusi elder and one of Nunu’s young apprentice. 
They were shouting above the sounds of the drums and bells of the parade.  
“What are you two fighting about; have you no respect for the dead?”  Martin said.
“Respect?” the Ngota said, “What are we suppose to respect here? A crazy man who paints his livestock blue and thinks he’s the descendant of an Ashanti king?”
“Take that back old fool,” Nunu’s apprentice said.  He tried to lunge passed Martin and throw a fist at the elder. 
“Take what back?” Ngota said, “I only speak the truth!  You haven’t seen anything yet, just you wait until you see what that damned fool has picked for his coffin!”
The young man once again tried to strike out at Ngota before Martin held him back and asked him what was the cause of his problem. 
“Mr. Ashlong’s coffin is Master Nunu’s greatest work; I won’t have anyone spoil his honor.  Take that back old man!”
Martin choked back a scoff as a grin started to form on his sun-dried, cracked face.
“Look, here it comes!” Ngota said.
He pointed to the large carving of an ebony phallus with a crown of gold and speckled with diamonds.  The sun-baked crowd stood in silence and disbelief as the final resting piece for Nathaniel Nbutu Ashlong came into view.  Looking at the stunned spectators, Martin erupted in a thunderous laughter as Master Dede Nunu trailed behind his masterpiece with a large ivory smile– grinning like a mischievous Cheshire cat.




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