The End

The End.

Two of the most powerful words to an author.

 These two words changed my life as I finished my first short story this weekend. 

It was something like this: “The End” YEAHHH BABY!”

And pumping of fists.

However, reflections and lessons learned a couple of days removed from my first success have come. 

Among them are success is fleeting, validated is essential, learn a strength and weakness, listen to the voice of my characters, and this is just the beginning.

Success is Fleeting 

I wrestling for 6 months and 29 days to write 2400 words and 2 hours to write 5100 words but my excitement is short lived–I ask myself, now what?

Validation Is Essential

I always knew I could write a good story, but having a stack of unfinished work on my desk; in my mind, and by deed undone left room for self-doubt.

No more.

Strength and Limitation

I struggled with have-to writing vs. feel-like-it writing.  I now know how to buckle down, get myself out the way and just write—when I have to.  I also know that I cannot write my fiction during the week until I get a handle on my daily rituals to clear the mental clutter, allowing the free-flow of creativity.

Listen to the Voices

While it took me seven months to write most of this story, I spent much of it not listening to my main character.  She had been telling me for several months what she needed to do in the story and I did not listen-until now.

See….just now she said, “Typical man.”

It Whetted My Appetite

Now that I know that I have the ability to write a complete story, get it written quickly, and trust the voices–I want to do it again…and again…and again…and again…and again…

Wash, Rinse, And Repeat.

I woke up this morning thinking of the fallout of my protagonist actions in the story.  As in life, the story is never finished, even in the grave.    Life goes on, and so does the story, therefore I continue to write.

Oh…and then there’s the rewriting…but that’s a whole ‘nother thing.

Write On, Friends!



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