The Deep Waters of Emotion

One of the keys to writing good fiction is revealing the deep waters of human emotion that exists in your characters.
In life every person stores a deep–sometimes overflowing–well of emotions that range from toxic wastes of  jealousy and deceit to the sweet refreshing taste of pure joy.
So does your characters…
Do you know that characters are people too?
The best books I’ve read have not only showed me a window into the soul of the characters, but have immersed me in the deep waters of emotions that lies beneath them.
A great writer allows me to taste the bitterness of anger as if it were my own.  The sharp pain of loss that I too grieve, as well as the jubilation that makes me stand up and shout hooray!
How deep is your character’s emotional well?

When writing fiction, remember the reality of life.  Remember the deep waters of emotion that thrive in all of us.  This too applies to characters in a story.
However, accessing that deep reservoir of emotion is not easy.  To write effective moving emotion, a writer must dig deep where the fossilized experiences of life have deposited and took root in our soul.
Why must we tapped this most dangerous of resource of all human nature?
Because it is on the waves of emotion that adventure is found. In stories, readers crest on the highs of exhilaration and wallow in the abyss of misery of each character’s actions, reactions, and motivation.
It is that exhaustive feeling of relief–after all the adrenaline has gone–that journey in the deep waters of emotion–that makes a book most memorable.
Do you agree?

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