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BW’s Week In Review Part 2

BW has been busy. 

Here is  Part TWO of The Week in Review on The BookWorm, Check it out and comment on  your favorite post.

 To check out Part One: Click Here

Worldbuilding With BW: A School of Giant Oarfish

The setting of a fantasy and a science fiction story–no matter what form it takes–is part of the story.   What if giant oarfish were plentiful as tuna on my planet?

Stephen King, Frank Herbert, and the Force

“You cannot sweep someone else away by the force of your writing, unless it’s been done to you.” ~Stephen King from “On Writing” I was not swept away by Dune. Now I need to find out why.

What Every Writer Can Learn From JaMarcus Russell and John C. Maxwell

JaMarcus Russell was picked first in the 2007 NFL Draft by the Oakland Raiders and paid nearly $40 million dollars on his potential.  Three years later, he’s out of the NFL. JaMarcus…allow me to introduce you my friend John.

Canadian Bacon: A Short Story – A Three-part posting.

A man drives through blinding snow to satisfy his pregnant wife’s cravings.  This is an AWESOME SHORT STORY…okay…I’m bias, but I NEED your comments on this one.

Wow, what a busy week…I wonder what’s next for the weekend and the next week. 

I’ll have a Saturday Special for the weekend so be sure to come back tomorrow!




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2 Quick Ways to Make Money Blogging.

This is the final part of my blog on Bill Belew’s Complete Hands-On Blogging Workshop.

2 Quick Ways to Make Money Blogging.

Everyone wants to get paid. But there is no such job as “getting paid”, so whatelse is there?

How about turning your blog into a money maker?

Bill Belew’s Complete Hands-on Blogging Workshop gives us 2 Quick Ways to Make Money Blogging..


Before you can even thing about the cha-ching, you need atleast 100 – 200 pages views per day before you can consider monetizing your site

If you don’t have the traffic, go back to parts 2, 3,4, and work on those until you have enough to make it worthwhile.

2. Link to Your Products.

If you have written books, pamphlets, painted, sculpted, or have created anything, sell it on your site! For authors link your blog to,, or any other online site that sells your book.

3. Advertizing

There are several ways to monetize your site via ads. Among them are Google’s Adsense which pays the most. The downside is that you need the traffic to make it worthwhile. (See Warning). Other advertizing agents like Adsense are Affinity, Value Click.

Another way to make money with ads are through Affiliate Partnership. Basically this is posting corporate ads or on your blog site and getting a share of the profits your send their way. and Paypal are examples.

A third way to make money through ads is by direct ads, which are like affliate partnerships, but are ads posted for businesses that you personally have connects to or come to you directly. This among the hardest ways to cash in while Google Adsense is the easiest.

So what is your next step?

Buy Bill’s book?

Start a blog?

Start a blog network?

Turn your blog into a cash machine?

Whatever you do, if Bill can do it, so can you.

Missed earlier posts?

See Part 1: How to Blog with Bill Belew
See Part 2: 6 Steps to Create a Blog
See Part 3: 4 Tips for Quality Content
See Part 4: 3 Simple Ways to Build a Blog Network

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3 Simple Ways to Build a Blog Network

This is part 4 of my blog on Bill Belew’s Complete Hands-On Blogging Workshop.

3 Simple Ways to Build a Blog Network

The most valuable thing I learned in Bill Belew is network, network, and more network.

Did I say Network?

Being antisocial and living in your mother’s basement is not a way to get paid for your effort. Bill shows teaches three simple ways to build a blog network and become more socialable.

1. Find Like-Minded Individuals.

Connecting people that share your subject and becoming friends with them lessens the work and creates wealth for you and for them. Technorati is a good place to start. It has an more extensive blog listing than blogspot or anything else.

Go Make Some Friends!

2. Linking to Others.

Create a blogroll or a list of links to other people that are writing about the subjects that you are doing. They’re readers may become your readers, and don’t be bashfull and leave a comment or two. This is essential.

Don’t Be the Weakest Link!

3. Join Other Networks.

Writing alone is dumb. Anyone that’s smart doesn’t do, and neither does Bill. The advantage is shared resources and readership.

But make sure get to keep or own your content.

Simple terms: If You Want To Be A Successful Blogger You Must Network.

What to know more?  Want to  find out how to get paid for blogging?

Go to part 5: 2 Quick Ways to Make Money Blogging.

Part 1: How to Blog with Bill Belew

Part 2: 6 Steps to Create a Blog

Part 3: 4 Tips for Quality Content

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4 Tips for Quality Content

This is part 3 of my blog on Bill Belew’s Complete Hands-On Blogging Workshop.

Content is King!

 The most consistant writing advice is write, write more, write some more, and keep writing.  But you have to do it right.

Bill Belew’s trek to 20 million page readers exemplifies that.

If you want to be read and read widely, Bill encourages 4 key points for putting up quality content.

1. Choosing Good Titles

What’s a good title?

Having a title that promises something that will benefit the reader who is on a quest for knowledge is always best.

What’s the purpose?

We all surf the web looking for something. Your title should say “hey, look here!”

2. Have Categories

What are catagories?

Every blog should have some sort of organization, format, or structure. Organization makes your blog easy to read.

What’s the purpose?

It also helps the search engine bots to find your blog, however, more than 15 categories is too much.

3. Include Tags and Taglines.

What are tags or taglines?

Tags and taglines are keywords to describe what your blog and post is about.

What’s the purpose?

Just like catagories, tags and taglines help the search engine find your blog, however more than three key words may be too broad. 

4. Place Internal and External Links

What are internal and external links?

External link is linking your post to the outside articles whose subject matches yours.

Internal link is linking your current article to a past article you have written.

What the purpose?

Connecting others to your blog and to what you’ve written increases readership.

The main reason for writing good quality content is to attract readers.

Writing your posts to help search engines like google, yahoo, or bing–which we all use–find your blog is an important fact that cannot be overstated.

What to know more? See part 4: 3 Simple Ways to Build a  Blog Network.

Part 1: How to Blog with Bill Belew
Part 2: 6 Steps to Create a Blog


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6 Steps to Create a Blog

This is part 2 of How to Blog  with Bill Belew’s workshop on Complete Hands-On Blogging Workshop.

6 Steps to Create a Blog

There are a lot of reason why someone wants to ceate a blog. Bill Belew shows us 6 steps to create a blog from finding a domain name to going public in his Complete Hands on Blogging Workshop.

1. Create a Domain Name.

What’s in a name? According to Bill, what your domain name is not that important as picking a name. If you want to buy one there are many places to get one from here.

2. Choose Your Software.

Bill recommends that WordPress is the best software to use for blogging and others agree.  He walks a prospective blogger through the dashboard to learning how to create, edit, and publish a post.

3. Pick Your Template/Tagline.

You can spend a lot of time diddling and less time writing. Picking a template for your blog take forever if you allow it. Bill says just pick something and get about the business of writing.

4. Determine Your Tagline

What ‘s your focus? Taglines are keywords that describe what your blog is about. Bill teaches the use of taglines is important to search engines finding your blog.

5. Write a Post

I would write these long soliloquies and wonder why people aren’t hanging around or visiting my site.  Bill teaches to be concise and posts limits of 150 -250 words .

6. Go  Public

You have your site. Found a template. Created a tagline. Wrote a post. What’s next?


You have something worthwhile to say, right?

Bill’s expertise is valuable and says three words.

Just Do it.

What to know more?
Go to part 3:  4 Tips for Quality Content
Part 1: How to Blog with Bill Belew

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How to Blog With Bill Belew


Being a blogging isn’t easy nor is it hard, but you can learn to do it with Bill Belew.

After three years of failure with very little income and more debt than I can handle, I was forced to give up my car, rent a room from a friend and his growing family, and find whatever job I could get.

All because I decided to go it alone with blogging. That’s why I sought out help from Bill Belew.

Bill  teaches aspiring blogging how to go from an idea to establishing blog that has the potential to make money.  He has something for everyone whether you are a beginner or a professional.

Bill’s workshop on Complete Hands-On Blogging Workshop will teach you four things:
  1. How to creating a blog.
  2. How to create quality content.
  3. How to building a network.
  4. How to make money blogging.

Bill also enlightens on the true measure of a good blog.

  1. Quality:  Well written and original content
  2. Quantity: There is more than just a few posts that serves as an archive.
  3. Consistence: There are daily posts that a reader can count with no stoppages.
  4. Longevity: If you truly want to make money at blogging–at anything for that matter–it takes dedication to do it every day.

With Bill’s workshop, there are no more excuses for any new blogger to reinvent the wheel.

Want to know more?

Go to part 2: 6 Steps to Create a Blog.


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