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Worldbuilding With BW: A School of Giant Oarfish

There are many things that are important to writing a science fiction novel, but nothing is more important than worldbuilding.

The setting of a fantasy and a science fiction story–no matter what form it takes–is part of the story.   In the science fiction novel that I’m writing, I have thinking about what kind of creatures would inhabit the extrasolar worlds along with the people I’ll write about. 

One idea I’ve had was dinosaurs.  What if dinosaurs never became extinct and we had to live along side of them? 

Another idea was what about the oceans on this new world…there are many freaky creatures in the deeper parts of the ocean…

one of the main reasons why I only like swimming in swimming pools…

Then I heard about the giant oarfish.

What if these were as plentful as tuna my planet…what would THAT be like?

Especially if you went fishing?

Makes you think, huh…



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