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What Dune Teaches About Dreams Part 2

Part 2 of What Dune Teaches About Dreams

“Thou shalt not make a machine in the likeness of a human mind.  ~ORANGE CATHOLIC BIBLE, DUNE

Here is the serious matter:

A dream is what sets you above the average person.  Not having a dream means driving down the road of mediocrity on autopilot.

I have a simple word for this…Automaton.

An automaton (plural: automata or automatons) is a self-operating machine A robot.

Yeah, you have enough working brain matter  to feed yourself and/or your family but any complex thinking is left to others.

Basically you’re a thinking machine and you better not let fanatics of the Butlerian Jihad of the Machine Crusade catch you or they’ll destroy you for being a thinking machine.

Do you really need me to tell you that being average suck?

You know what’s the problem with Americans today–somebody convinced us that being average is okay.


I bet you KNOW you’re going on autopilot but decide somewhere along the way that you’re okay with that.  Somebody has convinced you that to have a little is better than nothing.

 Serious matter: The danger of being an automaton is that it can be manipulated to do what someone else wants it to do.  Is that you?

What are you doing?



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What Dune Teaches About Dreams

I just finished the Dune Prequel: House Corrino and I liked it.  It was a nice setup for the Dune Series by Frank Herbet.  One of the many reasons I like reading is that you find golden nuggets of quotes that have real life application.  Here’s one:

“Every man has the same final destination–death–at the end of life’s road.  But the path we travel makes all the difference.  Some of us have maps and goals, others are just lost. ~Prince Rhombur Vernius, Dune: The House Corrino.

Do you have a dream?

One of the main reasons people just follow the crowd is they don’t have a dream.  If there is nothing to pursue then why bother being different?

Have you ever been lost? 

I have, trust me, it’s a terrible feeling.

The feeling of hoplessness begin to descend and the fear of not finding your path out arises.

But that’s exactly what it’s like to not have a dream, a goal, or a purpose in life.

Dream provide that roadmap that is customized for your life–that GPS unit for you to follow.

It questions logic and introduces the improbable.

In whatever situation you may find yourself in, there has to be something that will get you up in the morning beyond the “have to’s”.  

Going through life because you have to…well…that just suck.


So see part 2 of What Dune Teaches About Dreams, Click HERE.

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Discover What Gravity, A Bright Smile, Godiva Chocolates, and Dreams Have In Common.

The pull of gravity is a powerful force, no matter how far you jump up, you will always come down.

A great smile is dazzling.  Look up in the upper right corner.  See that handsome guy.  What’s the first thing you notice about him.

Yup, the smile, the ladies love it.

Godiva chocolates?

What woman can resist them?

Who can resist the lucious, velvety smooth taste of Belgium chocolates?

In the words of my friend Susan, they are to die for.

You know what else can be irresistible?


Your dreams.

No matter what your dreams are, they must become an irresistible force in your life to turn into reality.  You need an all or nothing attitude.

No athlete will ever say giving 99.9999% effort is enough.

You must become an irresistible force in order to propel past those short-sighted people who try to put out the fire of your passion.

Do not take NO for an answer, and learn to say NO.

In the story of the tortoise and the hare.  The turtle is that irresistible force.  No matter how far you have to go, how long it takes, or what you have to do to turn your intangible dream into tangle goals.

Be the irresistible force that makes all things possible.


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Why Do I Read and Write?

Why Do I Write?

“Do the thing you fear,a nd the death of fear is certain.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

The biggest mental obstacle–in writing, in war, in life itself–is fear.

There is three purposes for this blog.

1. To chronicle my journey in the writer’s life. 

Sharing my journey to join the ranks of successful published authors may help someone else that is aspiring to do the same thing.  No one achieve success alone. 
In addition, I am a teacher at heart.  There is a object lesson in everything I do.   Sometimes even I learn from it. 🙂

2. To shatter the myths and encourage more people to read.

More women than men read fiction or for the pleasure.  Men read more non-fiction to help them get something they want.  The publishing industry seem to agree If men were told about the great books there are out there, they’d read more.

3. Tell you about my book.

I’m a writer and I’m write books.  That’s what I do.  From time to time, I will post something for your reading pleasure and all feedback/comments are encouraged. It’s what writers do.

What’s this has to do with fear?

Nothing, LOL, actually it has a lot to do with it.

Fear is faith that it won’t work out. ~Sister Mary Tricky

I write to conquer my fears  This is  an important part of my writer’s journey.

I write to get over the fear of someone writing MY books.

Writing is my act of service. If I don’t write, the rocks will cry out if I keep silent.

Therefore, do likewise…go read and write. 

Don’t let the stones do what you were created to do.


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Mormon Zombies

Mormon Zombies…

Yup, it is what you thought was…
During my high school years, I lived in Mesa, AZ, a town founded by Mormons.
At one time I lived a few blocks from the Mormon Temple and worked even closer.  Honestly, it looked like a giant mausoleum to me. When the night lights hit it right, it was downright scary.
Mormon youths, on a mission I guess, would stop by and visit–trying to convert us.
Knowing that I was a Christian, one of my Mormon friends would always wanted to do a Bible debate.  I guess he wanted to prove that Mormons were Christians too.
I never did.  I saw no reason for it.
Whenever I saw him coming, I simply crossed the street to the other side.
There was something about “NO” he didn’t understand.
I had a dream that I was being chased by Mormon Zombies.  A girl who I liked in high school was running with me.
We ran  through the streets, parks, and even a movie theater, until we came to a meadow where  large hot-air balloon stood–unoccupied.
I helped my girl inside  and as I tried to climb in, one of the Mormons grabbed my feet and tried to pull me down.  My girl hit him on the head and I was able to climb in to safety.
As we lifted in the air, everything became cartoonish, like something from Disney.
Even now, it makes me laugh.
With dreams like these, it’s no wonder I like to tell stories.
What is the strangest dream you’ve ever had?


For more of my strange dreams see, The Strangest Dream I Ever Had Part 1: This Means War!

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What Is The Strangest Dream You’ve Ever Had?

This Means War!

I have always been a dreamer.

But some of my dreams have been pretty strange.

Some have even turned into a pretty good story idea.

Some have been complete nightmares that I wish I could forget.

However, among the strangest has been the dream I had of being in a war when I was in high school.

I was in a firefight with a few of my high school friends.

We were dressed in full battle dress uniforms with machine guns, rockets launchers, and grenades.

One of my friends was using the machine gun to shoot our enemy, but I never saw their faces.
I don’t remember if I personally ever killed anyone, but I do remember firing into the darkness.
Tracers and bullets were zooming over our heads as another friend warned to get down.
Grenades were lobbed into the distance only to hear their destructive boom echoing towards us.  We never moved from our location, but kept shooting.

At one time,  a girl—whose face and name I do not remember—was hurt.
Another of our group rushed over to help them while I jumped into her  rocket launcher resumed firing.

To this day, I do not remember nor recall ever seeing the faces of our targets.

Its no wonder I have an overactive imagination.

What is the strangest dream you’ve ever had?


For more strange dreams, see part 2: The Strangest Dream I Ever Had 2: Zombie Mormons.

Courtesy of 1000 Writing Ideas

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