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2 Quick Ways to Make Money Blogging.

This is the final part of my blog on Bill Belew’s Complete Hands-On Blogging Workshop.

2 Quick Ways to Make Money Blogging.

Everyone wants to get paid. But there is no such job as “getting paid”, so whatelse is there?

How about turning your blog into a money maker?

Bill Belew’s Complete Hands-on Blogging Workshop gives us 2 Quick Ways to Make Money Blogging..


Before you can even thing about the cha-ching, you need atleast 100 – 200 pages views per day before you can consider monetizing your site

If you don’t have the traffic, go back to parts 2, 3,4, and work on those until you have enough to make it worthwhile.

2. Link to Your Products.

If you have written books, pamphlets, painted, sculpted, or have created anything, sell it on your site! For authors link your blog to Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, or any other online site that sells your book.

3. Advertizing

There are several ways to monetize your site via ads. Among them are Google’s Adsense which pays the most. The downside is that you need the traffic to make it worthwhile. (See Warning). Other advertizing agents like Adsense are Affinity, Value Click.

Another way to make money with ads are through Affiliate Partnership. Basically this is posting corporate ads or on your blog site and getting a share of the profits your send their way. Amazon.com and Paypal are examples.

A third way to make money through ads is by direct ads, which are like affliate partnerships, but are ads posted for businesses that you personally have connects to or come to you directly. This among the hardest ways to cash in while Google Adsense is the easiest.

So what is your next step?

Buy Bill’s book?

Start a blog?

Start a blog network?

Turn your blog into a cash machine?

Whatever you do, if Bill can do it, so can you.

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