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4 Tips for Quality Content

This is part 3 of my blog on Bill Belew’s Complete Hands-On Blogging Workshop.

Content is King!

 The most consistant writing advice is write, write more, write some more, and keep writing.  But you have to do it right.

Bill Belew’s trek to 20 million page readers exemplifies that.

If you want to be read and read widely, Bill encourages 4 key points for putting up quality content.

1. Choosing Good Titles

What’s a good title?

Having a title that promises something that will benefit the reader who is on a quest for knowledge is always best.

What’s the purpose?

We all surf the web looking for something. Your title should say “hey, look here!”

2. Have Categories

What are catagories?

Every blog should have some sort of organization, format, or structure. Organization makes your blog easy to read.

What’s the purpose?

It also helps the search engine bots to find your blog, however, more than 15 categories is too much.

3. Include Tags and Taglines.

What are tags or taglines?

Tags and taglines are keywords to describe what your blog and post is about.

What’s the purpose?

Just like catagories, tags and taglines help the search engine find your blog, however more than three key words may be too broad. 

4. Place Internal and External Links

What are internal and external links?

External link is linking your post to the outside articles whose subject matches yours.

Internal link is linking your current article to a past article you have written.

What the purpose?

Connecting others to your blog and to what you’ve written increases readership.

The main reason for writing good quality content is to attract readers.

Writing your posts to help search engines like google, yahoo, or bing–which we all use–find your blog is an important fact that cannot be overstated.

What to know more? See part 4: 3 Simple Ways to Build a  Blog Network.

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