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How to Blog With Bill Belew


Being a blogging isn’t easy nor is it hard, but you can learn to do it with Bill Belew.

After three years of failure with very little income and more debt than I can handle, I was forced to give up my car, rent a room from a friend and his growing family, and find whatever job I could get.

All because I decided to go it alone with blogging. That’s why I sought out help from Bill Belew.

Bill  teaches aspiring blogging how to go from an idea to establishing blog that has the potential to make money.  He has something for everyone whether you are a beginner or a professional.

Bill’s workshop on Complete Hands-On Blogging Workshop will teach you four things:
  1. How to creating a blog.
  2. How to create quality content.
  3. How to building a network.
  4. How to make money blogging.

Bill also enlightens on the true measure of a good blog.

  1. Quality:  Well written and original content
  2. Quantity: There is more than just a few posts that serves as an archive.
  3. Consistence: There are daily posts that a reader can count with no stoppages.
  4. Longevity: If you truly want to make money at blogging–at anything for that matter–it takes dedication to do it every day.

With Bill’s workshop, there are no more excuses for any new blogger to reinvent the wheel.

Want to know more?

Go to part 2: 6 Steps to Create a Blog.



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